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Biovet has grown and developed as a company and as a center of work excellence for over 40 years. We believe that, in the forthcoming years, we will continue to grow and to make progress due to our constant efforts to introduce new products, improve production facilities, implement state-of-the-art technology, invest in our employees’ professional development and stimulate their creativity.

Even though we function in a demanding regulatory environment, Biovet has successfully passed regulatory scrutiny and has received marketing authorizations for new or current products in a number of countries over the past years. Entering new markets and niches remains important to us because it keeps us close to our customers, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

We truly believe that to better support you we must be totally committed to quality, service, and technical support. Our goal is to develop direct relationships and engage in personal meetings with the end customer. Only through these kinds of close interactions can we fully understand your needs and concerns. We will do our best to give you what you need the most, the best you deserve so that we continue to grow and develop together in the future.

Kiril Domuschiev

President and Chair of the Supervisory Board

Biovet PLC